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We’re here to make your next ride as epic as the last.

Unsponsored is one of the largest online cycling retailers in the UK, specialising in bike accessories for cyclists of all levels.

Made up of a team of cyclists and sport enthusiasts, we know how good your ride can be with the right gear (and how bad it can be without it). From the casual commuter to the hard-core mountain biker, we offer a range of professional cycling gear for every kind of ride.

With products spanning from clothing and components to tyres, tools and nutrition, our high performance cycling accessories are designed to last. Choose from top brands like Shimano, Raleigh, Kryptonite, Muc Off and more for quality pieces of kit that’ll level-up your ride and won’t let you down. 

Cycling gear shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why as an online retailer, we don’t have the overheads of some large shops, so we’re able to keep costs down and ensure our products stay affordable for everyone. 

A lot has changed in the cycling world since we burst onto the scene in 2007, but our values remain the same: to provide quality, affordable bike accessories for cyclists of all levels.

And to show you just how good we are, we won Best New Business and Business of the Year Regional Awards in 2010 - beating over 50 top companies. 

We’re also listed and recommended by Which Magazine as a specialist in cycling, child seats and cycle trailer suppliers.

That’s us in a nutshell - so gear up and ride on!