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Bike Components and parts for sale

Ride better and faster with professional quality bike components. Whether you’re looking for a replacement chain or you simply want to upgrade your bike with some flashy new fixtures like handlebars, saddles and pedals, we’ve got all the key bike components you need for an epic ride. Take a look at our selection of products from top brands like Shimano, Look, Pro, Raleigh and more.

KMC X9 Chain (Grey, 114 Link)


One chain for all - Compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM 9-speed derailleur systems The X-Bridge is a outer plate configured with precisely articulated angles for quicker and smoother gear shifting and quieter riding Lightweight shorter length...

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KMC Z7 Chain, Grey/Brown (114 Link)


1/2" X 3/32" - pin length: 7.3 mm, 114 links Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM 6/7-Speed derailleur systems Non-directional design: assembly of this chain is independent of direction. It allows maximum compatibility Chamfered inner plates to reduce sprocket...

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