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Clarks Stainless Steel MTB / Hybrid / Road Gear Cable


A word from the manufacturer: Here at Clarks Cycle Systems we have been striving to deliver quality products for over 60 years now. Our face may have changed but with our worldwide distribution network and manufacturing bases only further supports...

Jagwire Gear Cable Inner Galvanised (100 Pack)


Jagwire knows wire - that's why it's in their name. Friction in a shift or brake setup results in poor, sloppy performance, ruining the feel of any bike or system. That's why their wire is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry and are...

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Clarks Stainless Steel MTB Brake Inner (Box of 100)


Die drawn wires offer a superbly smooth surface over standard wires, this is a achieved by a process of micro hammering the front end of the wire, this is then inserted into a drawing die and the wire is then pulled through the draw plates multiple times...