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Hybrid Mudguards Silver (700c 45mm)


700c 45mm Hybrid Mudguards Silver Flexible Plastic Mudguard Electrical Integrated Contact Length Adjustable Stainless Steel Stays Front & Rear with Safety Ends Includes 2 Dynamo Cables 28" Width 45mm

Zefal Swan/Croozer Road Mudguard (Twinset)


Swan Rear. Blade width: 45mm / 1.8". Material: Techno-polymer resin. Mounting: On seat post / adjustable clamp all type of seat post - ?25 - 32mm. Weight: 150g. Wheels diameter: 700c / 28''. Croozer Front. Blade width: From 50 to70 mm / From 1.9'' to 2...

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Zefal Trail City Clip-On Mudguard Set, 26-28”


Providing great protection and full coverage for hybrid and city bikes, the Zefal Trail City Clip-On Mudguard Set offers great value for money. Incredibly durable for everyday use, this pair of front and rear mudguards will keep you clean and dry when...


Mudhugger Shorty Front Mudguard


Small but mighty, the Mudhugger Shorty Front Mudguard is a nifty little mudguard to reduce the amount of mud and spray flicking up at you. Incredibly lightweight at just 60g and 340mm long, you won’t notice it’s there. But don’t be...

Ass Savers

Ass Savers Wide Mountain Bike Mudguard, 37cm


As it says on the tin, ‘Our biggest, fattest mudguard for preventing muddy cracks’. Known for quite literally saving your ass, Ass Savers has designed this rear mudguard especially for wide tyres to protect you from dirt and mud all day long...


Oxford Mountain Bike Full Mudguards, 26”


A leading supplier of motorbike and bike accessories, Oxford offer nothing but quality in their mudguards. Designed to withstand the intensity of mountain biking, the Oxford Mountain Bike Full Mudguards will shield you from mud, grit and water when...


Mudhugger Front Guard


The Mudhugger front guard will keep trail spray out of your eyes while you are mountain biking. For commuters, they are an essential accessory to ensure you are dry while biking to work and back. They are designed to fit almost all bikes onto the lowers...


Mudhugger Mountain Bike Rear Mudguard


Protect yourself from mud, grit and spray when you’re tearing it up on the trail. Known for their quality mudguards, Mudhugger’s MTB Rear Mudguard is one of the most effective out there for full suspension and hardtail trail riding. Unlike...

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Mountain Bike Full Mudguards (26”)


These lightweight yet sturdy Mountain Bike Full Mudguards by Ventura offer excellent protection against mud, rain and grit. Leaving you dry and clean throughout your entire journey, avoiding the classic ‘spray look’.  Designed to fit...

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Zefal Swan Road Rear Mudguard


Do you get sprayed with muck while you're riding? This rear mudguard will ensure you are kept clean and dry on your rides. It is easy to install on the back of your bike and features a reflective ring to ensure you are visible on the roads in low...


Mudhugger Small Rear Mudguard


Stay clean and dry when you’re out on the trail with unbeatable protection from Mudhugger’s Small Rear Mudguard. An essential for cyclists who like to take it rough on the trails in all weathers. Suitable for most 26" hardtail and full...

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