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Zefal Deflector RS75 Mudguard


Mudguards are a staple for any cyclist - and Zefal’s Deflector RS75 Mudguard provides unbeatable protection against mud, water and grit for all mountain bikes. No one likes ice cold spray from...


Zefal Doodad+ Pump Clip, Large


Designed to fit hand pumps on bikes, the Zefal Doodad+ Pump Clip is a handy strap that’s used for mounting cycling accessories onto the frame. Made from reinforced woven cotton, it comes with a...

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Zefal Swan & Croozer Road Mudguard Set


Protect yourself from mud, grit and rain flicking up while you ride with Zefal’s set of Swan Road (rear) and Croozer Road (front) mudguards. Perfect for road and hybrid bikes, both offer...


Zefal Swan Road Rear Mudguard


Do you get sprayed with muck while you're riding? This rear mudguard will ensure you are kept clean and dry on your rides. It is easy to install on the back of your bike and features a reflective...